Saturday, December 25, 2010

Gadget News : Wikileaks iPhone app, 1.5 million Windows phones, iPad mini

iPad mini is spotted out in the wild and it could be rumors as well. More than 1.5 million windows phones are sold and only Microsoft is happy about it. Wikileaks iPhone app had a brief stint in the app store and it was yanked by Apple yesterday.

WikiLeaks iPhone app removed

Apparently there was an iPhone app for Wikileaks which was released to app store on 17 Dec 2010. It was duly removed from the app store on 21 Dec 2010. Reason cited by Apple was the app was violating developer guidelines and all apps must follow local laws. First off, I never knew the app existed. By the time I knew about it, the app was removed. Things do happen very fast in the app world. I got a question though. How did the app make it to the app store in the first place?

1.5 million Windows Phones sold in 6 weeks

A total of 1.5 million windows phones were sold in the first 6 weeks. Apple sold 1.7 million iPhone4’s in 3 days. Nothing really exciting, but a decent sale for Microsoft marking its re-entry in to the mobile space. The sales are not to the end customers but everyone in between – retailers, resellers and mobile operators. Speaking of million in sales, Apple TV has old one million too.

iPad mini

A device which looks like iPad mini is spotted in the wild in Taiwan. Is this a true iPad mini or not? We just have to wait for more news from Akihabara or Apple.


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